Hello there , I’m Ray. I grew up in Salt Lake City but haven’t lived in the great state for the past eight years. Does that make me unqualified to deliver unfiltered takes on Utah happenings? Only time will tell.

After spending time in Missouri and Tennessee getting to know America’s heartland and the south, the lure of living “Life Elevated” was too tempting and I left behind the country music and honky-tonks to get back to Utah.

I, like Harry, attended the country’s No. 1 J-school (that’s Mizzou, by the way, for all you other journos out there). Following the high-level schooling (SEC), I covered the world’s No. 1 military, reporting on the 101st Airborne Division (lot of No. 1s going on here, I’m sensing a theme). Later, I moved to Music City, USA, and spent time at the Tennessean.

Now, I’m here to bring you content only Utah Unfiltered can deliver. When I’m not out curating that content, I’m probably checking the latest betting lines (not gambling though because that’s illegal in most states, including Utah), watching SPORTS! or cleaning the pool (sup, ladies).

A few other things about me I think you should know:

  • I cheer for Utah and Mizzou, but I also have a strange affinity for the Wyoming Cowboys. Strange things happen in Laramie. Remember that.
  • I’m thinking about picking up the UAB Blazers as another team this year. You should consider it, too.
  • I’ll cheer for the Jazz but I promise not to be too much of a homer because I find that fan base for any team to be insufferable. But, go Jazz.
  • I have a Dolly Parton license plate. Yes, they put her mug on there in Tennessee. Keep your eyes peeled.
  • I’ve been on the side of a bus before. Not to brag. No big deal. You know me. You trust me.

There’s a lot going on in Utah and it’s not such a secret anymore. Here at Utah Unfiltered I hope we can share some laughs while not take-ing ourselves too seriously. But also seriously because we’re out here.

You can find me on Twitter @rayhowze1 and @ me as much as you like.